Remote monitoring

Available soon

In addition to your local monitors, Eyewitness will remote keep an eye on your server and application.

If your local monitor detects a problem, it can ping the Eyewitness server, to ensure an alert is sent.

If your application or server goes offline, Eyewitness will be able to notify you immediately.

Additional monitors

Monitor web uptime and performance from the Eyewitness server.

Track emails to ensure they are actually being received by our server at all times.

Monitor domain names to be alerted before they expire.

Central dashboard

The remote addon package allows you to view the status of all your applications from one central dashboard.

You can provide team access to the central dashboard, allowing multiple staff to view problems when they arise.

Protect your remote monitoring with optional 2 factor authentication.

...and more

Premium support from the Eyewitness team to help work through any issues.

Ability to centrally configure all notifications and alerts to be sent by the Eyewitness server.

No sensitive data ever leaves your local server. All information sent to the Eyewitness server is "generic" contains no identifiable data.