Cron scheduler monitor

Automatically monitor every scheduled cron in your application - no need to add them manually.

Be alerted anytime a cron exits with an error, runs too quickly, too slowly or does not run at all.

Capture all cron output for review later. Monitor the trends of cron run times over time.

Custom monitor

Create your own fully integrated custom monitor for Eyewitness in seconds by using our provided artisan generator.

Monitor anything your applications needs - i.e. a websocket, a 3rd party API, another server, a specific PHP function.

You can learn more about custom monitors and how to create one with the documentation here.

Queue monitor

Supports all queue drivers (Beanstalkd, SQS, Redis & Database).

Ensure each queue in your application is running, and be alerted to any backlog of jobs.

Track number of pending and failed jobs with configurable thresholds.

Integration with Laravel Horizon so you can optionally run both Eyewitness and Horizon side by side (coming shortly).

Database monitor

Ensure your database(s) are online and available to your application.

Monitor the trend of the database size as it grows over time.

Set customisable notifications for when your database gets too large (or becomes too small).

SSL monitor

Get alerted before certificates are due to expire.

If any of your certificates become invalid, revoked or expired we'll let you know.

Your certificates will be "graded" by the HTBridge SSL monitor - ensuring you know your certificates are correctly configured to the right standards.

DNS monitor

Watch your application DNS records.

If any part of your DNS record change, you'll be notified immediately.

Keep a history of any DNS changes to help diagnose issues or revert unintended changes.

...and others

Daily security checks of your composer.lock file checking via Sensiolabs Security Advisories Checker.

If any of your applications run a version of a composer package that has a new security vulnerability - you'll get notified automatically.

Ensure that your production server never has debug mode enabled accidentally. If we detect this situation, you will be notified automatically.