Monitor everything

Track your cron schedules, queues, logs, databases, SSL, DNS and much more.

Create fully integrated custom monitors to add any specific functionality you need.

Get alerted when any part of your application exceeds your defined parameters and limits.

Works with all Laravel versions 5.1 and greater (see full requirements here).

Get notified

Configure multiple notification drivers to be alerted any way you want.

Email, Slack, Pushover, Telegram, Hipchat, PagerDuty, Nexmo SMS and raw Webhooks.

Configure severity messages and channels for different notifications - so you can be alerted differently for critical issues compared to minor problems.

Locally run package (free)

Just follow the Getting Started instructions and install Eyewitness locally in just 90 seconds.

No sensitive data ever leaves your server - so you know your information is safe and secure.

Large range of customisable and config options to ensure your package performs how you want.

Free to run as many local monitors as you need.

Optional remote monitoring (paid)

Remotely monitor your servers from our central Eyewitness platform.

Unified dashboard to see all your applications in one place.

Additional monitoring of web uptime, application response speeds and email tracking.

Single price to pay for unlimited number of applications.