What makes Eyewitness.io different from other monitoring solutions?

Eyewitness is a monitoring and application analytics solution focused specifically for Laravel applications.

This allows Eyewitness to provides unique insights into what your application is actually doing without you having to sprinkle triggers, callbacks or hooks throughout your application.

Get a real time view of your various Laravel applications, including remotely viewing log files, queues, and scheduled cron job history on a single dashboard.

Queue Monitoring

Monitor each and every queue individually in your applications every 5 minutes
  • Ensure each queue in your application is running.
  • Determine if backlogs of jobs are building up in your queues.
  • Track number of pending and failed jobs in each queue.

Failed Queue Management

Automatic alerts when queue jobs fail
  • Remotely view and track failed queue jobs right from your Eyewitness dashboard.
  • Remotely delete or retry failed jobs on your server.
  • No queue payload data ever touches Eyewitness - it all occurs direct between your browser and your application server - ensuring maximum security.

Scheduler Monitor

Track the health of each cron scheduled job
  • Heartbeat tracking - if a job fails to start on time, we'll notify you immediately.
  • Track the trend of time each job takes to run over time - ensuring potential issues are noticed before causing a problem.
  • Custom alerts - if a cron job runs too quickly or too slowly.

Log Management

Remotely view logs directly from your dashboard
  • Remotely view and manage application log files right on your server.
  • Be able to "tail" into your application log files to see current errors as they are generated in real time.
  • No log data ever touches Eyewitness - it all occurs direct between your browser and your application server - ensuring maximum security.

Email Monitoring

Checked every 15 minutes
  • Confirm emails are actually correctly sent from your application.
  • We literally send a test email every 15 minutes. If the email fails to reach our servers (for any reason) - we'll let you know something is potentially wrong.

Create different notification groups for each application

(or use the same group for every application if you want)
Each group can contain as many different alert recipients as you like, such as email, Slack, HipChat, PagerDuty, Telegram, Pushover or even a custom webhook.
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Server Monitoring

5 minute checks of your server
  • Monitor and record homepage load times.
  • Alert you when your server reports it needs a reboot (often required to apply automatic security patches).
  • Monitor available disk space.
  • Ensure your database is online and available to Laravel.

Security Checks

Daily Composer.lock reviews
  • Daily security checks of your composer.lock file checking via Sensiolabs Security Advisories Checker.
  • If any of your applications run a version of a composer package that has a new security vulnerability - you'll get notified automatically.

SSL Monitoring

Hourly checks of your certificates
  • Get alerted before certificates are due to expire.
  • If any of your certificates become invalid, revoked or expired we'll let you know.

DNS Monitoring

Hourly checks of your DNS
  • If any part of your DNS changes - you'll be alerted.
  • History of DNS changes to allow you to review any previous changes.

Fully customisable

You can turn off any monitor you do not require
  • Each application can be configured to only monitor what is required.
  • You can also turn off log and queue access via your package configuration for additional security.